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Microwave Zayekedar Arvi

How to Make Zayekedar Arvi Recipe in Microwave oven

आज हम Microwave Oven Recipes ( माइक्रोवेव ओवन रेसिपी ) में How to Make Zayekedar Arvi Recipe in Microwave oven ( माइक्रोवेव ओवन में ज़ायकेदार अरवी रेसिपी कैसे बनाये ) इस के बारे में चर्चा करेंगे । इसमें सभी सामग्री ( Ingredients ) और रीत या विधि ( How to Cook? ) के बारे पूरी जानकारी दी गई है । यह शाकाहारी ( Vegetarian ) माइक्रोवेव मेन कोर्स रेसिपी ( Microwave Main Course Recipes ) है । तो चलिए शुरुआत करते है, माइक्रोवेव ओवन में ज़ायकेदार अरवी रेसिपी को बनाना ।

A dish made of colocasia which is similar to the potato. The flavours are robust and earthy.

Cooking Time: 10 mins 

Cooking Mode: Microwave 

Preparation Time: 15 mins 

Serves: 4

❀❀ Ingredients ❀❀

500 gms – arvi (colocasia root), cleaned peeled and cut into long pieces 

1 nos. – ginger, finely chopped 

4 – 5 – garlic, crushed 

2 nos. – green chillies, finely chopped 

1 tbsp – lemon juice 

½ tsp – ajwain, lightly roasted and roughly crushed 

5 tbsp – thick curd 

1 tsp – besan 

1 tbsp – fresh coriander, finely chopped 

1 tbsp – mint leaves, finely chopped 

½ tsp – red chilli powder 

½ tsp – garam masala powder 

½ tsp – amchoor powder 

2 tsp – oil 

To taste salt

❀❀ Method ❀❀

1) Toss the arvi (colocasia root) with 1 tsp salt and leave aside for 20 minutes. Drain, wash well and pat dry.

2) In a bowl, combine the arvi (colocasia root), ginger, garlic, green chillies, lemon juice and ajwain. Leave aside for 5 minutes.

3) In a another bowl, beat the curd and mix in the besan, chopped coriander, chopped mint, red chilli powder, garam masala powder and amchoor powder.

4) In a casserole, add the oil and microwave on medium power for 5 seconds. Add the arvi (colocasia root) with its flavourings, sprinkle over with 1 tbsp water and microwave for 4 minutes, pausing and stirring after every 2 minutes.

5) Mix in the flavoured curd mixture, cover and microwave on high power for 6 minutes, pausing and stirring after every 2 minutes.

6) Serve hot.

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